The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.


- Peter Drucker


When people find themselves preparing for a negotiation or in a dispute, it can often be a time of great stress.  Having a calm, third-party perspective can provide great benefit in preparing for the conversation and building confidence.

During coaching, you can expect to be guided through a systematic process to clearly understand the issues and begin to move towards a practical solution.  We will assist you to prepare for the negotiation and, where you don't feel confident in managing the situation, will negotiate on your behalf as an advocate.

Coaching can be offered face to face or by video conference.

Some case studies

  • Sally* contacted me after receiving an unexpected redundancy notice. A meeting had been scheduled for two days time to discuss her package.  Sally was particularly concerned as the redundancy was only a month prior to Christmas and she knew that it would be hard to find a new role until the market picked up in February.  She wanted to get the best deal possible for her redundancy but was concerned that she was so stressed she would “muck things up”.

    We worked through a structured negotiation preparation together helping her gain clarity about her position and possible options. She was still concerned that her emotions would get the better of her in the meeting so she sought my assistance as a spokesperson and support in that meeting.

    Sally stated “With a clear mind and understanding of my objectives, Nicole got almost 95% of what I asked for as a redundancy package. A great result.”

* Real names have been changed for privacy.

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